Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back at home! Happy:)

I'm back at home and I'm happy! Poland is a very weird country and there is a lot of stuff that drives me crazy here but in same cause I feel it's my home right now. And it will be for next year. Hope the last year...

Monday, August 9, 2010

one week, one weekend

Haven't write anything for a quite long time...I feel empty of the real emotion. I can't believe I started to be naive again, I started to believe again.. I can't believe it happened here, in the place where the real life doesn't exist. Last weekend opened my eyes. I've done some things just to see 'after effect' and I was dissapointed. But I quickly understood that was only my foult, being naive it's just a part of being me. Anyway, after seeing clearly what's going on here I decided go to home 2 weeks earlier. I don't give a shit about people that pretend to be my friends or to like me, coz that kind of friends you can always have more than 100, but what when you really need someone? The true is it's very difficult to find someone that really care about you here... (but fortunately I know it's possible:)).

Nowedays I'm really happy. I'm happy with my decision and can't wait to be back in my life. I love being here, I like meeting new people, I like partying with them, I like silly chatting and even clubing in electro disco (not too often!), but it's just how summer should look like, and now summer for me is over! One more week, one more weekend! I will miss it, but I know I can do something more productive than that :-)