Thursday, March 29, 2012

life kicks my ass every single day!!!

some hours later:

fortunately hours of fast driving in the rain with laud rock music turn on made me look on the bright side of this shit.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

good morning Sunday!

recipe how to make your day a good day:
- make a good coffee
- turn on good music - LOUDLY!
- take your coffee and sit on windowsill, turn your face into the sun and enjoy the moment
- (ps if you plan your day, allow an extra hour and spend it the way you want, it's much easier to do stuff you HAVE TO do, when you have an extra hour that you can spend doing what you love!)

I started my Sunday with polish reggae music, but suddenly i realized there is a one guy who i'm in mood to listen to, this guy called GENTELMAN, and i love him live, here is a link to one of his performance: - love it becouse it's made a lil bit in a rocky style;-)

listen to reggae made me remember one of my dreams - holiday in JAMAICA!
i'm not a person who goes for a holiday to some hot country and just lay on the beach for a week, actually i hate it. went ones and it's not for me. im bored after 5 minutes of sunbathing  and keep saying 'let's do something!, let's do somethin!' annoying all people around.

but in JAMAICA, i think i could find myself pretty well, doing for example this: ;-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

bla(ee)ding love

"I don't care what they said, I am in love with you" awww-my blades!

i saw guys on BMX's jumping at park and suddenly realized - rollerblading season is coming!
i had only one thought in my head 'i need to take care of my blades' and i tried... but it didin't go well...actually i don't remember when i used a word KURWA so many times last time...
after hours of trying  removing wheels i ended up with a job half-done - annoyed, sad and with a bleeding hands.
oh, yes...and i damaged my father's key.
i never give up when it comes to my passions but this time i was really close.
fortunately went to talk with my dad and after telling him why i was so flustrated he said "bring those blades to me" and of course, he made it!
i still don't understand how is this possible that i couldn't do it and he did it so easly, but hey, guys just know how to do things!

i will finish 2morrow, coz now just can't get over this video: i love every second of it!

i would die to learn some of these tricks, but i just don't know anybody who would be interested in such a thing...and it's not fun to learn alone;(. which means im really super duper happy im moving in a few months! and my next blades will be more like these:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

something to stand for/KONY 2012

i regret my 'good buy post' at the minute i posted it. it was a time of my life when i was sure i have nothing to say and even if i have, noone is listening. i was also sure there is nothing worth to stand for, therefor nothing important to share.


just spent a month working with kids at different age, and understood pretty well, how stupid i was thinking i should change myself, become  a person i have never been, just to make life 'easier'.
well, the true is emotional part of my nature and 'ability to care' makes me a person who can do what she loves and be happy about it. i have no doubts anymore.

2day i saw "KONY 2012" "INVISIBLE CHILDREN"
it moved me so much and made me realize there is lots of things worth to stand for. as a teacher and a person who simply love and adore children i will always stand for them. i will always try to protect them as much as i can and believe in every single one of them.  there is nothing better what we/adults can give them than believing in them, education and possibilities for normal life, full of dreams and ambitions waiting to be sated. it's our 'job' to keep them happy and safe becouse they are our FUTURE. if something wrong going on, and children are getting hurt, no matter if it's in Europe, Asia or Africa, world should react!

i understood A WORD is a powerfull tool and sometimes it's worth to share it. if i can make smile, think, cry or moved at least this one person who is somewhere out there and reads me, i'm happy;-)