Saturday, November 27, 2010

morning smile :)

nothing better than good coffee and positive music in the morning. two things that i couldn't live without...and unexpected trip to Krakow 2day! ...and i don't really care i supposed to study all day long..........................;)

keep smiling people!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have never seen one.
But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people".

- Thor Heyerdahl

It's snowing!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

waitin' time...

My friend asked me 2day how am I doing and... I started to complain... you know, as a woman I have to complain from time to time, but I notice I become so much polish! Gosh, I hate it. Here, in my country, people complain all the time for everything, noone is happy, sometimes I listen to them and thinking 'what the fuck is wrong with you!' ... so it scares me to death when I see myself as one of those people!

I consider myself as a very positive person and even if I feel down it doesn't take long time. Right now it's my 'waitin' time'. I'm waiting for my bro to come home, I haven't seen him for last 2 months and it's too long, life is so different (so full of positive things) when he is in town. I'm also waiting for winter - I want skiing! Or snowboarding, whatever... "I feel a need, the need for a speed!".... Yes, that's the most important thing, I just need to feel speed!!!

I was also thinking of past year and I can't complain, it was a good year:
1. The New Year Eve I spent in Torun - was amazing!
2. In February I visited Norway - was lovely!
3. In March I visited Cork - was crazy!
4. In June I left to Ireland again and spent there whole summer - visited some places and had great time with friends, met many new people from different countries and enjoyed every second ;-)
5. In September I went to Slovakia where I started bikind and felt in love with this sport!
6. In October I went to Helsinki and Stockholm and can't even describe how wonderful time I had there!

I aslo visited many places in Poland, met many nice people, ended up my first year at new school with great result, tried some 'profesional' photography and so on...

And again - I have many plans for future!
Prague in December, maybe Norway (skiing in Hemsedal sounds better than wondeful!) and Wales at the begging of new year (and Paris!!!), or just 'life trip' to Brazil... we'll see!

Saturday, November 6, 2010