Friday, October 12, 2012

'you just have to take a risk...always? yeah, always ;)'

drinking my first coffee 2day and looking at the cover of my fashion bible called VOGUE... music plays in the background which fills my head with thoughts, emotions, dreams and hopes but most of all memories 'who i was' and guastions 'who am i now?'...

'you just have to take a risk...always? yeah, always'
can get over this one sentance that i heard a few days ago becouse it is simply so true. we mostly regret thigs we havent done and changes we didint take.

nie chce być niewolnikiem polskiego schematycznego myslenia a lapie sie na tym ze jest to we mnie bardzo mocno zakorzenione. ostatnie 3 lata w pl daja znac o sobie, mysle o tym czego oczekuja ode mnie inni, a zapomnialam kompletnie o tym ze przeciez w tym wszystkim, w calym MOIM zyciu, powinno byc miejsce przede wszystkim dla MNIE, tego czego ja chce... ze wszystkimi szalonymi decyzjami i konsekwencjami ktore one ze soba niosa...

Monday, October 8, 2012


i like dreaming, imagine my future in many different ways and possibilities. but in all those dreams one thing stays always the same, my dream house  (hope i will be lucky enough to own one!)
besides library room, where all shelfs will be made from wood, full of old books bought at antiquarian bookshops from all over the world and a rocking chair, where i will seat every night with glass of wine reading all those books, i wanna have a music room. full of old instruments, record player and CD's with music that i love. it will be also colorfull carpet on the floor where i will lay down listen to frank sinatra and looking at the stars throught the glass roof...

Sunday, October 7, 2012


music makes me think, feel, imagine stories, hear the voices i don't wanna hear in real life... i like Norway a lot, but have been living here 2 months and im kinda bored already, huge world is out there and i can't find the way to get there!