Friday, July 22, 2011

is it wrong

when you do something good (for others) with benefit to yourself?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

back on the business track

IT'S AWESOME TO HAVE FUN, but it's also cool having a normal life. And since im getting more and more interesting info about my future, i truly cant wait to see what will happen. Right now i know i will probably get aparment for my own - that is more than awesome, going for the best business course in 2 weeks, and having an interesting business conference few days after that. All these things mean that i CAN be SERIOUS if necessary ;-) Need to get into "the killer attitude" for next few months :)
And oh, my Converse and capri pants need to go back to wardrobe, time to SUIT UP!

ps   i watch "Edward Scissorhands" 2 day, first time in my life and i totally adore this movie! it's for sure one of the most beautiful movies i have ever seen! and seriously - Tim Burton and Johnny Deep it's the best duo EVER.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

being a fan means...

Heia Norge!
With special love to the norwegian, finnish and czech team;-)
beer with a ginger juice - mniami! (Snoopy also liked it;))

Midnight? who cares - we are still ready for fun!

Lots of people showed up to see the best ski-jumpers - these two ladies came from Prague!

shopping time! unfortunately couldn't find the perfect Playboy Bunny necklace:(
but insted got smile from norwegian Bunny ;-)

waiting for surprisingly tasty kebab and not made by turkish;-)

stay healthy - drink orange juice! (or orange juice with wodka;-))

"KISS ME, I'm AWESOME" t-shirt didin't work. a bit dissapoining.

Friday evening - empty streets!
POLAND - we love you!
Pocahontas look is awesome - and orange shoes even more ;-)
I believe, he CAN fly!
best known polish beer - Żywiec

hitchhiking ;-) always CRAZY...

always POSITIVE...
always HAPPY...

and always SMILING girls, WHY?

becouse you don't have to be a STAR to have an AWESOME LIFE!
Wisła 15-18 May - amazing time with amazing people. Thank you

Being a fan means - not only cheering for your fav team but also having fun and make the athletes and all people working for teams feeling good in your country. We tried our best and hope they like it ;-)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

rap education... ;-)

so, Justyna left few days ago but 2day her older brother has came. Unfortunately his gonna to stay only until Sunday, and since im going to Wisła 2morro im not gonna spend much time with him which is a pity. He is 12, (but he seems to be 16), his extremely clever, his listen to RAP music and he is crazy about roller skating ;-)
 He is AWESOME young boy. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new adventure - cross biking (?!) and a..."wild beach"!

Two days ago I went with my mom for a "short" trip on ours bikes. Since I haven't got possibility for downhill biking such a long time, I enjoy every minute on my bike, even if it's only the normal ride. We decided go to the forest - just relaxed and get some fresh air. We ride a path that lead us throughout the forest until the beach! I used to spent lots of the time there as a kid and then at my teen-age, and I loved it! We used to called this place "the wild beach" coz not so many people knew about it. Also the path that lead to the beach is not easy, I felt like being on cross biking trial - but of course I loved it! (my poor bike didin't).

Life is not about how we look but who we are and what we love. If you live with a passion and love your life YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And noone can take it from you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bieber education...

Pic taken by my phone at 7.30 in the morning, so sorry for looking like a shit ;) I spent over the week with this pretty lady next to me, her name is Justyna and she is 8. She is also madly in love with Justin Bieber so we spent every morning listening to his songs and watching his videos. Believe me or not but during this one week i got more "kid-teen music education" than ever before!
Can't even believe I didin't know who Justin Bieber was before!

But seriously, I like her a lot. She remembered me why I love working with kids. She is smart, she lern very fast, she loves risk, and every day, minute after minute she was saying how much she loves me and how pretty I am haha how not to love her! (even thought she is clever enough to tell everything what I wanted to hear for one more Justin's song!)

Friday, July 8, 2011

sad :(

i miss downhill biking as hell... and just a few days ago i hurt very badly my leg while roller skating, so cant even do that.
and i know its stupid but it makes me sad. 
Life without passion is not worth living, it's like A Living Death  
fortunately walking with ipod helps me deal with it.