Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what a day! what a day!


It's been a day from "Dzień Świra" (polish real genius movie), totally crazy... so, I had a test from german and I translated everything...into NORWEGIAN! Since I study norwegian there is "no room in my brain" for german haha...yeah, but it's not funny. When I realized I have no clue how to do it in german I just stopped doing anything and of course my professor asked what is wrong with me (I was pretty good with german before). I said I can't do it in german but I can do it in norwegian if she wish :-) She was pretty intrerested where and how I get 'such an exotic language' and so on...
Later on I had an exam from computer technology and I just hate technology... I guess there is no person in this world who knows less about computers, TV's or phones than me!

And some other shit happened but I just decided let it go... and day isn't over yet!

Anyway I don't give a shit and right now I'm drinking 'so very tasty' beer and watching "The Simpsons" - I LOVE THEM!!! check this out!

ah...and I'm in mood to dance lately! I miss my super dupper fancy Oslo Club's and and the best ever restaurant by the sea... I miss the feeling when you know you look good...I miss high heels, sexy dresses and Scandi boys hahaha... but I will go for it... soon!


  1. Sounds cool ! Keep on rockin` sexy lady ;) Fajna notka-bardzo pozytywna :)