Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am a dreamer

A few days ago I found my old diaries, notebook and some fashion designs drew on the white paper...

I had 2 big dreams when I was a kid. At first I wanted to be a writer, later on I decided to become a fashion designer. Becouse I've always loved reading and writing I thought that being a writer is the best thing to do for me. In some way I was right (I write a blog nowdays! haha). I wrote many poems and started to write a very cool novel and a very funny book. Later on I felt in love with fashion, so I decided to become a fashion designer. Of course dreams are dreams and life is life and nowdays I am a student of pedagogy with some businness and photography studies behind me :-)

Anyway it's nice to have dreams and momories and that's why I decided to read all of those poems and old diaries, and peek at my old fashion designs 2day...

I had so much fun! The poems are sooo bad, believe me! But I am very positive surprise coz my novel and book are pretty cool! I was about 17 when I started to write the book, it supposed to be a funny story about teen girl and her life. And I have to say - it is! I laughed when I read it, my sense of humour was pretty cool when I was a teen!
The novel is about a teen girl too but written in totally different style...can't believe how 'mentally serious' I was at those days. Amazing... I saw 2part of me: one - very funny girl with a great temper and always ready for fun and all kind of adventures, and the second one - young but very inteligent, serious and kinda misterious...I love both of them!
And the fashion, some of them are pretty cool but some - nothing SPECIAL. I like the way my fantasy worked at those times. It was a very long and kinda tough story related with 'dream of becoming a fashion designer' but 2day all those bad memories are just 'shadow memories of my past life', and I know It was worth to try.

It is so easy to be a dreamer when we are kids, but even if our dreams are only in our head and life changes everything it's nice to stop sometimes and do 'flashback'. We can always learn something new about ourselfs..

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  1. Swoja notatka zachecils mnie do zajrzenia do mojego pamietnika-jednego jedynego,ktory sie uchowal z czasow ,kiedy mieszkalam w Irlandii. Ciezkie to byly czasy,wiele we mnie zmienily,ale..kiedy przeczytalam swoje mysli z wtedy,zauwazylam jakim jeszcze dzieckiem bylam,jakimi marzeniami zylam.Uchowlay sie te o Finlandii,wiec jestem z siebie dumna:)
    Jak dlugo bedziesz w Helsinkach i czy jedziesz tam na dluzszy okres ?