Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finland - my LOVE, my HOME... coz nothing compares to you

It's been 15 hours since I landed at Warsaw airport and I'm feeling totally down...I can't explain why but I'm crazy in love with Finland... every step, every person, every little thing in Helsinki made me laugh like a crazy, made my heart beats faster, made me be the happiest person walking on this earth... And now, I'm laying in my bed, listening my 'finnish' song and wondering 'how the hell it happened?'. I've never been interested in this country, I've never thought 'bout learing finnish - even more - I think it's one of the hardest to learn languages ever and for me - impossible to adopt... I don't like cold and long winters, I don't have my family there and not even boyfriend, so what? What makes me be so crazy about this place? What makes me cry during every flight back to my country, what makes me feel 'finnish homesick' for next few days...? I will probably never find the answer...

1 comment:

  1. To zupelnie tak jak ja...
    Btw-wlasnie sie zastanawialam czy jeszcze tam jestes czy juz wrocilas. I od wczoraj tluke piosenke "Nothing compares to you"