Sunday, August 7, 2011

Barney would be proud of me!

"SUIT UP! 2NIGHT WILL BE LEGEN...(wait for it)DARY" ;-)))

Me and Marta - meeting after ages:)

Had such a hectic week! Met many people, refreshed old contacts and the most important - one of my best friends - Marta - was visiting me! We've met 6 years ago in Denmark, we became friends straight away, but also - we haven't seen each other since that time! It was awesome to spent those few days with her again! She brought so many positive energy and the "impossible is nothing" attitude, I LOVE IT. She lives in Kph so she has totally different way of thinking, I called it "the scandi way", very inspiring. And since we had to go for kind of business party we had to SUIT UP a bit ;-) Barney would be proud.

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