Monday, September 5, 2011


so 2 day i had my first day of practice in the kindegarden - i really enjoy work with kids! most of them are awesome;-) unfortunately i had a little accident (hurt my knee badly and can't really walk) so now im just sitting on the couch and listening to music:  positive reggae stuff

my bro will bring me some beer as an anaesthesia haha
(i have to say i love my both bros so much! they're so different but i couldnt even dream of having better bros, and with me and my artist sis, we are making a pretty crazy sibling!)

a week ago i went downhill biking to Slovakia - Ruzomberok bikepark Malino Brdo, again, and it was awesome. we spend there 2 great days, still not enough though..i had a few crashes, also my bro, we even had to go to the hospital with him, but fortunately, we are fine so far. 
i know its dangerous hobby, i still feel it in my bones, but it gives me so much happiness, and every time i look at this:   im having shivers... i guess I LOVE IT! (my friend took some pics so maybe i will upload something soon)

and i wanna try more extreme sports!

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