Friday, March 12, 2010

bye bye my finnish spirit...

OH! I am feeling lonely! Empty bed and no more finnish spirit around more lovely finnish accent and silly chitchat! Emma left yesterday and I already miss her so much! She is such a positive girl, very open and "not finnish at all" haha. It's great feeling when you welcome foreign friend in your own country! I was a bit afraid at the beginning, coz I know how Finland looks and how different Poland is, but...Emma left totally in love with Poland, polish food, polish guys(!) and even my polish family:-). Everything what looks poor to me looked charming to her, she truly understand polish history - 50 years of communism, and always says "Poland isn't worst, just different" so even I have to believe her :-). She visited Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz, my home village and some others places... It's good that she could see not only the nicest and richest towns but the poorest and oldest parts of Poland as well.
My family liked her so much and now my mum is in love with finnish people:-) ... and still keep asking me who next gonna visit us! I was very positive surprised coz even if my parents can't speak english, they were very nice, open and treated Emma as their own daughter. I know those few days mean a lot to Emma and it makes me even more happy!

And the time with my friend, travelling around Poland and discovering my country once again, helped me realize how lucky am I. My life is great! I have many friends around the world, many memoirs, many places that I have been visited and I love and even more that I still would like to visit! I have great family that I can always count on and finally study stuff that truly interested me:) I fulfilled most of my dreams, and the most important - I can afford a weekend trip to my beloved Oslo, Cork, Helsinki or other destination when I am surrounded by reality that I am tired of...How could I ask for more?!

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