Sunday, March 25, 2012

good morning Sunday!

recipe how to make your day a good day:
- make a good coffee
- turn on good music - LOUDLY!
- take your coffee and sit on windowsill, turn your face into the sun and enjoy the moment
- (ps if you plan your day, allow an extra hour and spend it the way you want, it's much easier to do stuff you HAVE TO do, when you have an extra hour that you can spend doing what you love!)

I started my Sunday with polish reggae music, but suddenly i realized there is a one guy who i'm in mood to listen to, this guy called GENTELMAN, and i love him live, here is a link to one of his performance: - love it becouse it's made a lil bit in a rocky style;-)

listen to reggae made me remember one of my dreams - holiday in JAMAICA!
i'm not a person who goes for a holiday to some hot country and just lay on the beach for a week, actually i hate it. went ones and it's not for me. im bored after 5 minutes of sunbathing  and keep saying 'let's do something!, let's do somethin!' annoying all people around.

but in JAMAICA, i think i could find myself pretty well, doing for example this: ;-)

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