Saturday, March 10, 2012

bla(ee)ding love

"I don't care what they said, I am in love with you" awww-my blades!

i saw guys on BMX's jumping at park and suddenly realized - rollerblading season is coming!
i had only one thought in my head 'i need to take care of my blades' and i tried... but it didin't go well...actually i don't remember when i used a word KURWA so many times last time...
after hours of trying  removing wheels i ended up with a job half-done - annoyed, sad and with a bleeding hands.
oh, yes...and i damaged my father's key.
i never give up when it comes to my passions but this time i was really close.
fortunately went to talk with my dad and after telling him why i was so flustrated he said "bring those blades to me" and of course, he made it!
i still don't understand how is this possible that i couldn't do it and he did it so easly, but hey, guys just know how to do things!

i will finish 2morrow, coz now just can't get over this video: i love every second of it!

i would die to learn some of these tricks, but i just don't know anybody who would be interested in such a thing...and it's not fun to learn alone;(. which means im really super duper happy im moving in a few months! and my next blades will be more like these:

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