Friday, April 13, 2012


my showcase!

Needed to do my showcase for creativity classes, so if you look at this card and think: 'lol, i like it, she seems to be a really cool and funny girl, i wanna meet her' it means i've done a good job;-)
but if you look at this and think: 'omg, she seems to be such a crazy woman, i need to stay away from her', then it means my creativity sucks!

other than school stuff there is nothing going on...  my life is soooo extremely boringgggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and not becouse i'm boring and lazy but becouse stuff I HAVE TO DO is extremely boring and  takes all my time and energy...

and 2day is FRIDAY THE 13th! and... so far nothing funny/crazy/scary happend...when did my life become a boring hell?!

ps just woke up after the afternoon nap! my body must be seriously tired coz as i remember last afternoon nap i took as a kid (do not count sleeping days after the parties) and had the most crazy/weird/scary dream ever, so maybe it's better to be bored in a real life.

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