Monday, April 1, 2013

the day when i fell in love with Zurich...

yes, thats true. i've been missing writting so much but since i haven't been sure how i feel about living here i didint want to share my thoughts. now everything has changed. i honestly can't express how beautiful this city is and how lucky i feel by having opportunity to live here.

i love those little cobbled streets with hidden little coffee shops at every corner, i love the old amazing architecture of almost every building, i love beautiful fancy shops and all "broken houses" and amazing shops with antiques that moves your imagination at the moment you look at them.... i love to hear not only german, but french and italian while walking on the street, i love the multicultural environment and a guy who listen to frank sinatra at the bus stop... but the most of all i love Zurich's lake and a park around, i love the guy who plays sax every sunday and the atmosphere of freedom and happiness...

THIS IS MY NEW HOME. and im glad


  1. Hei Anna. Har håp , at du husker norsk språk . Har til deg en viktig ting ;; Den største grunnen til dette er ikke den herlighet som aldri vil falle ned , men at de er i stand til å plukke opp etter fallet,, - Konfucius .
    Hilsen fra meg og Tomas

  2. Hej Aniu, w koncu ! milo slyszec co u Ciebie i ze znalazlas (chociabzy na ten czas) swoje miejsce na Ziemi, gdzie czujesz sie dobrze. Widzis,zmazenia zmieniaja sie na inne- ja nie bedac w Finlandii,ale majac kolo siebie Finow, zaczynam dostrzegac, ze nie wszystko piekne,co sie swieci... dluzsza rozmowa w tym temacie :)
    ale zycze Ci wszytskiego dobrego i wrzucam link do twojego bloga, na swojego(myslalam,z ejuz nie bedzies zpisac...) sciskam, sprezyna :)

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