Wednesday, August 7, 2013

born to travel

just wanted to say that last weeks were crazy, but would that be a truth? not really, the truth is that not only last weeks and months were not exactly normal, but also every singel year since i turned 21... that was probably the time when i decided not only talking about moving from my country but also do something about it.  2day, 8 years later, after living in 7 different countries and even more cities i can easly say i was born to travel. never really had doubts about it, but sometimes just tried to lie to myself that maybe someday i will live a normal life, with a husband by my back, little house, a dog and 2 kids running in the garden. well, now i know it will never happen.  am i sad about it? not really. there is nothing else that could give me as much happiness as traveling gives me. i love waking up with the feeling of freedom and independence. i love every single smile on my face when im packing my suitcase. i love being on the way, meeting random people, talking about things noone really talks anymore. i love the moments when you realizing you just met someone who will change your life, and no matter if you know him/her a day or an hour, and no matter if you ever see this person again.  the only things that matter is that this one person was there at this moment and it changed you and your way of seeing the world.  for a very long time i couldnt get over that every time im meeting someone important it's not for a long time. the thing is that actually the most important people stays in my life no matter how far away they live. having friends all over the world is probably the best thing that can be, but sure you cant stay in touch with everyone. that's for me the bigget prise you pay while being a traveler. but as i said before, do i regret? no, every singel moment of my life is worth it.

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