Wednesday, December 15, 2010

do something amazing - give blood ;-)

I gave blood 2day ;-) My hand still hurts but I believe it's worth. You never know when you may need someone's help. Or whose life your blood may safe. And the best reason why we should do that is simple - just coz it feels good to do something for others, and we all like feel good ;-). And you can also get 6 different bars of chocolate!... and coffee;)

So after all day at school (eating chocolate) I'm finally at my apartment, feel quite ok. Ate healthy dinner and now waiting for coffee...
While laying at my couch with laptop on my knees I'm listening new COMA album, called COMA "Symfonicznie". Some time ago we could admired how great job Metallica did by playing with symphony orchestra, and now, best polish rock band decide to do the same. I think they did pretty good job! Check it out: - my fav song;-) - from 3.50 minute music is just brilliant! - this song is beautiful...

Shame the quality isn't good. But they're having the best lyrics I have ever heard...

and another - old one, "happiness takes my breath away, lemons afternoons with you"

and some with english subtitles:

"I need to cure myself from pain and fear, where is the man who just like that will show me how? who will show me how?...Sometimes I prefer to be so alone, to dance awkardly upon the edge on evil, and even touch the very bottom, SOMETIMES THAT'S BETTER THAN TENDERNESS OF YOUR STRANGER HANDS"... The very best lyrics.

Enjoy polish music;-)

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  1. Mmm, I guess I've never heard anything from polish music.. I'll give it a try later :)