Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Santa Claus day!

In Poland we celebrate the 6th of December as a 'Santa Claus day' ("Dzień Świetego Mikołaja"). I really like this day...The aura is great, christmas music all around and you can see 'Santa' at every corner... and get some sweets from him! We're buying a little gifts (or lots of sweets!) for kids and telling them stories about 'the real' Santa who lives in Lapland. Actually it's been always a dream for me to go there - someday I will! I also remember how much I loved this day as a child. I couldn't sleep all night coz I was always so curious 'what Santa will bring to me this year' - but in fact my mum almost every year bought me a small red skis, (which I loved) and I remember it was always surprise to me;).
This year, as I'm not child anymore, I've got just a chocolate Santa...and I'm eating it now;-)

ps I love living alone in my apartment but sometimes you just need a man in the hause. E.g. yesterday at night I noticed that there is something wrong with my heating. I had to call my dad and ask him for help. Of course he had been sleeping already so I woke him up. He took his car and came as soon as he could, then spent an hour or even more tried to make my heating works...He had done great job coz it finally worked but nevertheless I couldn't sleep whole night, I was freezing...........

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  1. @night to mi man to czegos innego potrzebny ;-) heating sobie sama zreperuje ;-)