Wednesday, July 20, 2011

back on the business track

IT'S AWESOME TO HAVE FUN, but it's also cool having a normal life. And since im getting more and more interesting info about my future, i truly cant wait to see what will happen. Right now i know i will probably get aparment for my own - that is more than awesome, going for the best business course in 2 weeks, and having an interesting business conference few days after that. All these things mean that i CAN be SERIOUS if necessary ;-) Need to get into "the killer attitude" for next few months :)
And oh, my Converse and capri pants need to go back to wardrobe, time to SUIT UP!

ps   i watch "Edward Scissorhands" 2 day, first time in my life and i totally adore this movie! it's for sure one of the most beautiful movies i have ever seen! and seriously - Tim Burton and Johnny Deep it's the best duo EVER.

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