Tuesday, July 19, 2011

being a fan means...

Heia Norge!
With special love to the norwegian, finnish and czech team;-)
beer with a ginger juice - mniami! (Snoopy also liked it;))

Midnight? who cares - we are still ready for fun!

Lots of people showed up to see the best ski-jumpers - these two ladies came from Prague!

shopping time! unfortunately couldn't find the perfect Playboy Bunny necklace:(
but insted got smile from norwegian Bunny ;-)

waiting for surprisingly tasty kebab and not made by turkish;-)

stay healthy - drink orange juice! (or orange juice with wodka;-))

"KISS ME, I'm AWESOME" t-shirt didin't work. a bit dissapoining.

Friday evening - empty streets!
POLAND - we love you!
Pocahontas look is awesome - and orange shoes even more ;-)
I believe, he CAN fly!
best known polish beer - Żywiec

hitchhiking ;-) always CRAZY...

always POSITIVE...
always HAPPY...

and always SMILING girls, WHY?

becouse you don't have to be a STAR to have an AWESOME LIFE!
Wisła 15-18 May - amazing time with amazing people. Thank you

Being a fan means - not only cheering for your fav team but also having fun and make the athletes and all people working for teams feeling good in your country. We tried our best and hope they like it ;-)

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