Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new adventure - cross biking (?!) and a..."wild beach"!

Two days ago I went with my mom for a "short" trip on ours bikes. Since I haven't got possibility for downhill biking such a long time, I enjoy every minute on my bike, even if it's only the normal ride. We decided go to the forest - just relaxed and get some fresh air. We ride a path that lead us throughout the forest until the beach! I used to spent lots of the time there as a kid and then at my teen-age, and I loved it! We used to called this place "the wild beach" coz not so many people knew about it. Also the path that lead to the beach is not easy, I felt like being on cross biking trial - but of course I loved it! (my poor bike didin't).

Life is not about how we look but who we are and what we love. If you live with a passion and love your life YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And noone can take it from you!

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