Monday, July 11, 2011

Bieber education...

Pic taken by my phone at 7.30 in the morning, so sorry for looking like a shit ;) I spent over the week with this pretty lady next to me, her name is Justyna and she is 8. She is also madly in love with Justin Bieber so we spent every morning listening to his songs and watching his videos. Believe me or not but during this one week i got more "kid-teen music education" than ever before!
Can't even believe I didin't know who Justin Bieber was before!

But seriously, I like her a lot. She remembered me why I love working with kids. She is smart, she lern very fast, she loves risk, and every day, minute after minute she was saying how much she loves me and how pretty I am haha how not to love her! (even thought she is clever enough to tell everything what I wanted to hear for one more Justin's song!)

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