Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a bit dissapointed

I had a plan: 'work for all summer, safe money and then take a trip to Thailand, India or Nepal'. But yesterday evening I realized that maybe I could go to Asia as a vonlontarii. It would be even better for me coz I'd radher do something really helpfuly than entertiment children in some 5 stars hotel in Egipt or Tunesia... Anyway I'm checking the opportunities right now and it looks bad. I can't afford volontarii job right now. I knew it cost me some money, but didn't know it cost A LOT! I think it is a bit weird/crazy that you have to have money if you want to do something good for people that really need it, but at least I try to understand.

Anyway it made me a bit dissapointed... but I just got a couple of little buddhism things from Nepal, a book "The light of Yoga" by B.K.S. IYENGAR - one of the best books about yoga on the market, and 'zafu' - traditional meditation cushion, so believe me or not I'm flying from happiness! Meditates are so comfy now!

And you know what guys? It is truly amazing but I had an edification last night! Couldn't sleep so decide to meditate a bit and focus my mind and it was a good decision. I understood something that was bothering me for last weeks,. OH and it makes me happy.I'm feeling totally free from 'feelings and thoughts' and I like it very much! I can finally focus on my studies, my passion, my dreams and hopes and do not miss anything, this is very important to me. Sometimes you just have to suffer a bit in the beggining to not being hurt more later... THANKS BUDHHA FOR MEDITATE!

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