Saturday, May 15, 2010

sky is the limit!

It's been pretty tough week but 2day I am proud of myself :-) I did a good job at school last week and I am pretty sure it's gonna be even better! My ambition woke up a bit late, but fortunately - not too late!
So after study hard all week I decide took one day off and just relax in some nice way. Fortunately my bro got his supper dupper extra bike last week so we went to the mountains. It was great! Bike is totally awesome, I got a ride and coulnd't believe how cool this bike is! I met some guys and as I was only one girl they were very nice to me :-) And, oh - I met The Master of Poland - Grzegorz ZieliƄski, he is awesome, he 'flu' over the path..
I love mountains! Of course I love sea and sand and breeze but I can't imagine to live far from mountains.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I was so surprised when I saw the place we went to - so beautiful and so much like my beloved NORWAY! Unfortunately the weather wasn't that good-too much fog, so I couldn't take any good pic, hopefully next time :-) Poland is beautiful.

I have to say one more thing - LIFE IS AMAZING but I am sure you guys know it!

But if you wanna know why I am so positive I will tell you... SKY IS THE LIMIT! And it's so true!
Just let your mind believe it ;-)

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