Saturday, January 22, 2011

I miss SUMMER!

Crazy mix of pics taken in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Slovakia, Poland...
I love summer, sun, craziness, positivism and happiness all around!
I also love traveling, all those amazing people, new places and new incredible experience;) And FREEDOM I love too...and dancing crazy stuff, jumping in the leaves (and on a trampoline),and mountain biking through the forest...eating jelly shots, drinking cocktails, trying to fly and smiling 24/7! This is life;)

But winter isn't that bad, especially in Zakopane! What is happening there now is just amazing! I'm proud I'm Polish;-)


  1. Az ja sama zatesknilam, ogladajac takie ladne zdjecia... Slonce, drink, rower, zapierajace dech w piersiach widoki ..
    Btw- masz fajny styl. Bardzo mi sie podoba!
    Milego weekendu!

  2. Are you in Zakopane? :) It must be perfect there during competitions.
    Yeah, I miss summer/spring days too. But winter aint so bad.. god bless winter sports :D

  3. hi, thanks a lot;) true, im looking for a snowboard and hopefully I'll get a few days off from school in February coz i need to reduce my stress level!