Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year's Resolution...

I think it's quite normal that we always make 'the new years resolution' at the beginning of every new year...especially girls ;-)
So, I was also thinking of what I have to change this year to be happier and obviously I made some list in my head. I heard that we can keep one of every 10th resolutions, so simply - if you made 100 new resolutions at the end of the year you will keep 10. Not well rounded at all...

Anyway, right now I realized it's all bullshit. I've just spent (wasted?!) some time on facebook, chatting with friends that lives abroud... it's amazing how many wonderful, crazy and unique people I met during last years. It's amazing that my best friends live in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and other countries. And it's also amazing that I can talk or chatt with them whenever I want (thx Buddha for facebook! haha) and the most amazing thing is I can always take a flight and visit them and I know I will be welcome. That's just lovely feeling.

All pics from the places I used to live in or visited so far remember me how wonderful my life is and how lucky I am. I'm looking at myself photos and I see pure happiness. Could be anything better?

The point is: there is no New Years Resolution that could make me be happier in 2011. The opportunity to travel and meeting all these fascinating people, discovering new cultures, places and crossing mind borders...this is what I've been doing for last 5 years and this is what I still love ;-) no dreams, only goals.

ps Aries Horoscope for January 2011:
'You will get a message from a person you hardly know. It will change your way of thinking'


  1. A ja Cii zycze spelnienia Twoich celow. Na pewno sie uda :)!

  2. Yeah, the new year's resolutions are bit nonsense.. :)
    Wish u all the best in 2O11 :)