Thursday, January 6, 2011

what didin't kill you

makes you stronger!

Being in bad mood it's such wasting of time! There are some important things in life but the rest should be a pleasure...:) So no more complaining, time to fight for life!

Got some pretty cool ideas what to do next and hope will share it with you soon;)


  1. What didn't kill.. will try to kill you again :)
    But, yeah, I agree - bad mood (or even complaining) sucks and it's wasting of time. Hope your ideas work for you :)

  2. oh, don't kill my positivism! ;)
    write in english ur blog please, coz even if I know a bit ur language it's hard to understand sometimes:( cheers!

  3. Ok, I'll shut up for next time :D
    Actually I was thinking about writing in english. Maybe I'll give it a try. I don't promise, that everything's going to be in english, coz I'm still not feeling like I can expres everything I want, but something could be.. :)