Friday, January 7, 2011

who's goin' with me to Brazil???

I can promise you FUN!!!!!!!!!

I love evenings like that: sitting, drinking 'mix-up beers drink' from my fav beer mug (memento bought at Octoberfest 2008 - if you will ever have opportunity to go there - don't think, just go! It's the craziest time and place ever!) and listening Tori Amos and Maynard from Tool "Muhammad my friend" - amazing song...

So, what I was talking about? Ah, yes, trip to Brazil!
I was talking with my best Brazilian friend 2day and she invited me to Brazil one more time...I met her in Ireland some time ago, we used to work there, we are still in touch and she is one of the greatest people I have met in my whole life!
So I'm thinking of going there, maybe about April/May, not sure, but if any of you would be interested let me know;) More people, more fun! ok, I mean A LOT OF FUN!;););)

Her storie is really cool, she left Brazil as a teen and she came to Ireland just for summer to improve her english. Then she stayed 2 years, studying and working. Then she met a Danish guy, they felt in love and decided to go to Brazil 2gether for a year, and then they will be back in Europe. Even if he didin't know any Port. he decided to go with her, and they are working there now and are extremaly happy! So cute;)

I also got a message from my finnish friend. She is in Mexico, visiting her Mexican bf. And this story is CRAZY! She met him by, he was looking for a place to stay while travelling around day he was visiting Helsinki and she hosted him. He felt in love with her but had to go to Mexico... so last summer she took a holiday trip to Mexico and they met again. Of course they had a great time, and she was so in love when I visited her in October. Now she is in Mexico again... Of course they're having a tough time also, everybody who's been in a long-distance relationship knows it's fucking difficult, but as you can see, it's possible;)

Love writes an incredible stories...and I am extremely happy when I know that the best people walking on the earth(my friends!) are happy!

ps Have you seen "Inception"? What do you think? Each and every of my friends have a different opinion!


  1. Ja sie pisze na wszelkie dzikie, spontaniczne podroze :)!
    Widzialam INCPCJE i bardzo mi sie podobala.. LUbie takie "chore" filmy,zwlaszcza o tematyce snu itd.
    ach,odnosnie facetow-grajkow.. Tez mam do nich slabosc, i to wielka.. wiec moze czasem lepiej,ze sie strofuje.. Bo wiadomo..rock n roll..

  2. It'd cool to visit Brazil someday, but not this time :(
    But the stories are sooo lovely.