Saturday, January 29, 2011


Do you guys believe in DESTINY?

im listening 'the prostitutes' ( - i had 'THE TIME OF MY LIFE' by listen to them live) right now, chatting with one of my best friends from Denmark and laughing...
i've just found my internet diary from 'that time' (my first life trip abroad!), i was amazing girl...haha (i dont think 'high' about myself, but im proud of what i've done so far)

i was over 20 when i left Poland first time... i went to Denmark by an accident, i couldnt speak ANY ENGLISH, i have never been abroud before! it was crazy, but it was amazing in some way too;)
i love young people that are not afraid of life, people that are doing what they want, choosing their own way... 20's is their time, this is the time for making mistakes, for taking opportunities...nobody can tell you how ur life should looks like, you have to make ur decisions, sometimes you have to risk - you may win, but you may fail too, but its your victory and your failure, and thats important!

i met amazing people there! it wasnt only nice and easy period, it was difficult time as well. first time abroad, far away from friends, family... but it made me stronger and wiser - 6 months - enough to change all my future life...i was crying while leaving Denmark, i remember that day like it was yesterday.

later on - the craziest idea of going to France - i remember when my parents took me to the airport, i told them that im going to stay there forever. i had so many plans, dreams...and then disappointment - so far the biggest in my whole life, i couldnt even explain why i felt so down, i just felt that it wasnt right place, it wasnt right time...i was crying every night since i came there, i had job, i was studying french-my biggest dream, but deeply in my heart i knew it wasnt what i really needed/wanted, or maybe it wanst my real destiny...

i came back to Pl very soon and at the same time realized i have the best parents and family ever.
i started new studies at Business School, found the job and...
i couldnt get out of my head dreams about Norway - it wasnt a time when u could bought a cheap ticket and went there for a weekend, at least i couldnt afford it. and i didint want it...right now im happy when i can take a weekend trip, but when i was younger i always wanted to know everything about the country i was going to, get to know the coulture, people, how life looks there. i was writing fotoblog at that time, every day i was looking for a pic from Norway at the internet, then i put it in my blog and wrote: 'some day i will visit this place' - and i was right! (so far i visited all those places in Norway, of course there are still places that I have never been too - eg the north of Norway)
i decided to go to Norway during the summer break, i had a break from studies, i droped my job and decided to faced my dream...
i hadn't back until next year, i was so in love with Norway, people there, beautiful nature, language. i was studying norwegian, working, meeting new people, discovering Norway in every possible way. I remember the day when i met Jared Leto at one of the Oslo's pubs, i remember my trip around Norway, i remember my first conversation in Norwegian, i also rememebr a very popular in Poland norwegian ski-jumper walking at some shopping mall in Olso and noone's asked him for an autograph, photo (Adam Malysz wouldnt be able to do it!) was all so new for me!
one day i wrote on my fotoblog 'i wont make mistakes anymore, i belong to Norway' but some time later i left Norway too, even if I loved that country more than anything, its still my home, i have my family and friends there... i just wasnt enough mature to realized that THIS IS MY PLACE

im older and wiser now (at least i think so!) and everything is different. sometimes you have to lose something to realized how important it is for you. and as long as you really want something, it will come true. I can guarantee you that!!!
so don't be affraid, just take what you want, risk, this is ur life - and ONLY YOURS.

"Impossible is nothing"

I don't have to be anything other
Than the birth of two souls in one
Part of where I'm going, is knowing where I'm coming from
I don't want to be
Anything other than what I've been trying to be lately
All I have to do
Is think of me and I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms
Wondering what I've got to do
Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't want to be anything other than me


  1. Jakie sliczne zdjecia!
    Aniu, mysle ze predzej czy pozniej wyjedziesz tam, bo.. jest cos takiego w zyciu, ze jak sie uparcie czegos chce,to i tak to przyjdzie. I nawet gdybys szukala powodu,by zostac tu, to zdarzy sie setki tysiecy rzeczy,ktore Cie od tego odwioda. Tak jak jest ze mna.. Nie udaje mi sie tyle rzeczy, bo po prostu nie moge tu zostac. A co jakbym wyjechala..?
    A Ty mnie czytasz w myslach!

  2. I guess I understand your feelings about Norge. I've been there last summer and I stayed just for 2 weeks, but it was something unforgetable. After I'll end the high school, i'd like to travel more and spend even more time in Norway :)
    It's always so.. great to read articles like this one about someone reaching the dreams :)

  3. thanks! have u been in Poland already? if not u should come! i could show u same cool places:)

  4. I was in Poland during september '10, but just in some market-hall nearby czech frontier :D But yeah, I'd like to visit Auschwitz and lakes in Poland. And of course some skijumping competition, maybe during the next winter season! So I'll let u know when I make the final decision to visit Poland! :)

  5. u should come during summer then! i can take u to Auschwitz and to Krakow, and of course we could go to see ski-jumping in Wisla! its all not so far from my home town so u can stay for free;) think 'bout it!

  6. That'd be cool! It's so nice from you inasmuch as we don't know each other much, not much people'd do that :) I'll definitely think about it. You know, I don't have probs with saving money or time or something like that, the biggest problem is to force my mom to agree :D
    Btw, do you have facebook or something like that? :)

  7. yep, i understand, even im old enough my mum always worries about be when i go abroud;)tell her that traveling is good for ur english, and also i think its much safer for you to come here when u know someone from this country;)
    i really enjoy welcoming foreign people here so its a pleasure, Poland is beautiful and i wanna people to know about it!

    of course i have facebook;) here is the link:

  8. That's what moms are supposed to do :) I'll "work" on her and see what happen :)

  9. Tzn. zostajesz w PL forever?