Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Morning world!

ufff, waking up at 5am is pretty tough, and my coffee isn't good enough this morning...
but still...have so many good memories, couldn't stop smiling yesterday...noticed a funny thing at Sunday night and couldn't get it out of my head! I have to improve my norwegian-for sure! fucking annoying if you can't understand all you wanted haha

right now my stress level is soooo high (becouse of our 'wonderful' Polish education system which I hate!), and I have no clue how I will survive the next 2 weeks, so I beggin you - if anyone reads this blog - please wish me luck!!!


So you walk into this restaurant,
Uh strung out from the road
And you feel the eyes upon you,
As you're shakin' off the cold
You pretend it doesn't bother you,
But you just want to explode
Yeah, most times you can't hear 'em talk,
Other times you can

Ah But here I am, on the road again,
There I am, up on the stage
Here I go, ah playin' star again,
There I go, turn the page


  1. 5am? Omg, that's inhuman!
    Wish u luck, I'll cross my fingers for you ;)

  2. thx, that's sweet and i really need it!i've been doing a school project for over 13 hours now and it's still not good enough. now drinking cocoa and having 5 minutes break... have to read some school text and some more study 2night...and wake up at 5 again!!! this is inhuman...maybe i shouldn't go sleep at all?

  3. No sleep would be better :D Buy yourself liters of Red Bull, Monster or something like that. And coffee, of course!
    I went through this hell in last 2 weeks, but luckily for me it's over now.. at least for next 5 months :D What do you study, by the way?

  4. hahaha i slept a bit but i was extremely tired next morning...anyway, got A so project was good enough!;) i study pedagogy with lots of psychology stuff;) actually im thinkg of study psychology after this one, but not in Poland-for sure!i also study english (but only a month left, then norwegian!haha) but having a 2 weeks break with my english school now so i can focus only on important exams;) What do u study then?

  5. That's good to hear :) Psychology sounds interesting, maybe i'll study it in future too. I'm still high school - gymnasium.