Friday, January 14, 2011

'I like you',

'You are amazing','Oh, you are so cute', 'You are so beautiful', You are a party animal!', 'You are crazy!', 'You are incredible', 'You are so different', 'Your eyes hypnotize', 'I've never met person like you before', 'You are so nice but so easy to irritate', 'I like your way of thinking','Drink with me party girl!','I find you physically attractive', 'I'm so lucky I met you','I LIKE YOU'...

I've just realized how difficult life might be when people think they know you, but in fact they don't know anything about you...they saw your pictures, or talked with you for couple of minutes and they're sure they know everything. They are not interested about 'the real you' at all coz they are simply so empty inside...I may understand guys at the party... they're saying all these 'nice words' coz they just want to sleep with you and don't really care who are you as a person... even though I DO NOT WORK LIKE THAT and sometimes it's fucking annoying when somebody treats you like a stupid doll.
But for sure I don't understand people who I met while travelling or somewhere else and they're sure they know me so well...they were partying with me one night, talked few minutes and saw some pics of me and that's it, that's enough for them to put me in their scheme e.g "You are crazy!". I don't get how people can be so sure about that? They could say " seems to be crazy but I don't know you enough to be sure" and that would be right. The true is they don't want get to know you at all, don't want to think, it could complicated them, it could force them to asking...and it sounds scary...coz what if they will find something deeper?

It's so easy for people to say words, even those important ones. I'm pretty sure there is just a few people that know me well, know who I am and what did I get through and when they're saying "Anna, I like you", or "Anna I love you, you are zajebista" I know they really mean that;)


  1. Czytasz mi w myslach... i, w przeciwienstwie do mnie, trafnie, po krotce umiesz opisac takie rzeczy,do ktorych ja nie mam sily lub nad ktorymi rozwodze sie za bardzo.
    Zgadzam sie z Toba w 10000000%!

  2. Już od dość dawna nosiłam się z zamiarem żeby opisać te spostrzeżenia ale dopiero ostatnio po rozmowie z kumplem, który tak właściwie nie wiem o mnie nic, nie wytrzymałam... ludzie są bardzo płytcy i niestety wszystkich oceniają swoją miarą...aczkolwiek nie wszyscy, of course;)