Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Let's ROCK the 2011!!!

im in such a good mood from yesterday new years eve party ;-)
i supposed to go to Praque but later on we (me and my bros) decided to stay and make a home party ;-)
it was fun.
im a bit tired, went to bed at 7 am and slept about 3 hours. right now sitting and watching ski-jumping... as i love flying and i love height (and im afraid of it at the same time - weird) i cant imagine how amazing feeling it might be when you fly like those guys...even if it takes only a few seconds. also staying at the heightest point of ski jump must be cool, i really hope one day i will have the opportunity to do it! (not that i didint try, i tried a few years ago in Zakopane, but the security catched me after all...bastards!)

so in this very new year i would like to wish you all the best... dream, make your dreams true and just take the best of every day. stay positive, stay happy ;-)

oh, and of course great parties (and no hangover next day!), gorgeous sex every night, lovely family and best friends around;-)

lets rock the 2011! it will be our year!

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